art residencies in France artist in residence programs
Basic principles
1. All residencies working with artistay meet specific requirements:
- They are run by professionals with a background in the art world (artist, professor, art historian), able and willing to help their guests in practical, personal or professional matters.
- They can accommodate the artists in individual bedrooms. Also cooking facilities, living spaces (sitting room, library...) and working spaces are available on the premises.

2. The applicants define their own project of residency:
The purpose of the residency is that the artists take advantage of the professional facilities and support in order to work efficiently and realize their project of residency (as it has been outlined in the application).

3. The terms of residency:
- The selection is carried out by the residencies.
- The residencies charge a participation fee, ranging for a stay of one month from about 700 to 1,900 euros depending on the kind of residency and services offered.
- The applicants are responsible for the funding. They can though do an application with artistay even if they haven’t secured the funding yet.
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