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From 2004 to 2008 we ran an artists' residency in the south of France where we welcomed numerous artists from around the world. We realized during that period that many artists were desperately looking for an art residency in Europe, and more specifically in France, but were finding it hard to gain access to the right organisation.

And so artistay was born! Since then, we, as a non-profit organisation, have helped about 300 artists working in different media (visual arts, writing, performance, etc.) and coming from all five continents find a self-directed residency in France.

Our aim is to help you, as an artist, to complete your project successfully in a location suited to your requirements, where you have the time and opportunity to “unplug”, focus on your work and get away from your old routines, to be alone with your art in a nurturing space.

If we can help you achieve this, and your time in France helps you move forward on your professional path and forge a stronger artistic identity, we’ll be the happiest people in the world!

Catherine Cordelle & Christophe Le Guennec
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